Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tabby-Popular or NOT

tabby asked us to do a survey so people could rate her *sigh* okay she says on a scale from 1 to ten. ten being the most popular and one being the least. I say 3.


Have you ever been playing Volleyball and the boys act kinda...GIRLY! Well you may say Im crazy but they talk about WHOOP DERE IT IS so if they dont change their ways they might end up like this

Tati vs. Frandesca : What really happened

According to a reliable source Tati threw a pencil at Frandesca and Frandesca fried her up so bad Tati cried. I am not really sure if I belive that because Tati can fight and I am not sure about Frandesca.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Aww.! how KUTE.!

the wittle puppy or cat'sz

wat evv they are aww so kute

They Soo Small in Cup'z to

Smal Lyke leah Jk

Happy Birthday Too All Yhu March B-day'sz
Lizzy ,Sparkle ,Wakeene,UmmUmm & More
Party Lyke a Rokk Star

Steph Steph!!!!!

Tell me somethin whats up with steph and her wacky outfits!!!!!!

come on steph!!! what da proble get with the program it aint wacky tacky day no more!!!!

SPIRT WEEK IS OVER!!!!!!!! J/k.....Lol...

P.s. did i menchin all dem colors.(she be loooking like a rainboe)......!!!!!! J/k


Im sooooooooooo bored............any bright

Naysa This Crazy lil Gurl Lol

Have yhu Ever Wonderd y She Has So many uggs.??

Umm ii Have..ii should ask her tht

She dosnt Noe When To SHUTUP.! thoo

talk talk talk..J\k she'sz Kool Hav a couple classes with her

but yhu gotta live with her..!

Te He He.!


Wat'sz Gonna Happen Tomarrrow.?

Doe's It Inclued Kloe & Bukii.. Maybee

POP.! Who'sz gonna Throw a Punch 1st.

Possible Fight

Tommorow brings scary stuff... maybe

Obama Girls Are So UGG

Okay so the Obama girls are spotted looking fab in DC both wearing Chocolate Classic Short Uggs. Ever wonderes why Sasha always looks so happy and Malia looks more serious? Its proably because of their Uggs are too tight. ITS OKAY WE STILL LOVE THE UGGS


WHAT IS THIS! In my opinion I think that the person who made this must have been thinking of finsihing it up real quick so they could go to their "BFF"'s house and watch Desperate Houswives. I HATE IT. BCMS BE AWARE YOU MIGHT BE BLIND ONE DAY AND BUY THIS CRUD...PLEASE DONT


Okay so the ABC party is happening not this friday but next friday.All the interum people will be VIP persons and everyone else will just be normal which sucks. When I get new news on what the normal people dont get I will make a new post

Skinny Jeans: Will they come to an end

Back in September whn Shayla started the skinny jeans trend EVERYONE started to wear them no matter if your white, cream , black ,brown, green or even pink it doesn't matter you probably should have a pair in your closet! I think that because spring is coming to a start we should get a new trend. Any ideas especially you Shayla! Grey was my favorite color.


THESE are really hawt. I talked to my cousin in NYC and she said this is whats wearin... THIS IS WHY IM HOT!

Happy birthday March Peepz



service announcement
Starting March 26th you can get pizza after school for 2.40. I like the idea becuase I can bring it home and show off but then again whats the point if you cant eat it on the bus and if you stay around and eat it you will miss your bus! Im still buying because my bus driver lets me eat.