Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tabby-Popular or NOT

tabby asked us to do a survey so people could rate her *sigh* okay she says on a scale from 1 to ten. ten being the most popular and one being the least. I say 3.


Have you ever been playing Volleyball and the boys act kinda...GIRLY! Well you may say Im crazy but they talk about WHOOP DERE IT IS so if they dont change their ways they might end up like this

Tati vs. Frandesca : What really happened

According to a reliable source Tati threw a pencil at Frandesca and Frandesca fried her up so bad Tati cried. I am not really sure if I belive that because Tati can fight and I am not sure about Frandesca.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Aww.! how KUTE.!

the wittle puppy or cat'sz

wat evv they are aww so kute

They Soo Small in Cup'z to

Smal Lyke leah Jk

Happy Birthday Too All Yhu March B-day'sz
Lizzy ,Sparkle ,Wakeene,UmmUmm & More
Party Lyke a Rokk Star

Steph Steph!!!!!

Tell me somethin whats up with steph and her wacky outfits!!!!!!

come on steph!!! what da proble get with the program it aint wacky tacky day no more!!!!

SPIRT WEEK IS OVER!!!!!!!! J/k.....Lol...

P.s. did i menchin all dem colors.(she be loooking like a rainboe)......!!!!!! J/k


Im sooooooooooo bored............any bright